6/15/04: Last Comic Standing 2, Now With More Fixings

So we've been watching Last Comic Standing around these parts, which some of you may remember I did a piece on last year. Before I give you one spoiler and one piece of gossip, let me tell you the one thing I like about the show, and the one thing I don't like about the show.

I really like that for the contestants that didn't make it to the final twenty, or for that matter, won't make it to the house, it was still amazing exposure for them. Unlike American Idol, you don't have to make it to the finals to get something out of it. And some of those comics seemed really sweet and appreciative of the opportunity.

What I didn't like about the show was that it was so clearly set up. There was all that hoopla about judges Drew Carey and Brett Butler complaining that it was fixed, and even if they hadn't said a thing anyone who watches late night television could have figured it out. So many of these comedians have already appeared on late night talk shows (Jim Norton is on the Colin Quinn show on Comedy Central constantly, for example) that it was easy to see who was going to make it to the semi-finals, and who wasn't. And obviously they asked ringers to perform in smaller towns rather than in their homebase of Los Angeles or New York, just to make things more interesting.

And bringing back Ant, who didn't make it to the finals the first year, but has been doing ok for himself in the interim (he must have a hell of an agent because he's really not that funny - he's just a poor man's Mario Cantone.) screams of a set up. It's like when psycho Trish came back to get her man one last time on The Bachelor, except Ant isn't trying to get anyone into bed. (Although I wouldn't put it past him.) (Although have you seen most of these guys? Ew.)

So I know we all know that reality shows are fake, but man these comedians, they really make the worst actors. And the editing, and the logic - it just feels fixed. And that, my friends, is not a fun reality show experience. Unless you're watching Joe Schmo.

OK, as promised, a spoiler: "The pretty one" Bonnie McFarlane makes it in into the house.

And also, gossip: And she's dating one of the judges from the first round, Rich Vos, with whom she "spontaneously" banters during judging in the first episode. Incidentally he's a contestant from last year's show.

I love synergy.

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